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We offer a variety of exquisite Hawaiian aromatherapy and skin wellness products .

Smell is provocative and deeply connected to our emotional state—and it has a far greater influence on our behavior than we realize.    Rigorous scientific research has uncovered specific psychological reactions to particular scents.


“Nothing has ever made mfeel so goosquickly!”

Magic of  Fragrances  


Fragile as they are, flowers symbolize life

and therefore accompany us during our most cherished moments.

Flowers are the most exquisite of the natural beauty around us;

especially here in Hawaii where their blossoms please our spirits all year round.

We give flowers as gifts at times when we want to enhance the moment.
Birthdays,  weddings, anniversaries,  funerals, the beginnings of life, when a woman gives birth – till the end of life, when we lay someone to rest, we are accompanied by the kind of flowers which we consider proper for the occasion.

Flowers themselves represent the cycle of life;
from tiny blossoms to the birth and ripening of juicy fruits.

Their ethereal otherworldly shapes and scents inspire us to our deepest expressions of art through language or color or perfumery. Scent has become the force which has cast off the anchor from the world as it has always been and set it to travel in a new world of imaginative possibilities.

Flowers and their scents stream into our consciousness and into our unconscious mind and bind us in a moment to remember, maybe foreverThat moment when your beloved handed  you a rose and asked for your hand in marriage is forever linked with that rose’s unique scent.

“As the spirits of certain people

Hover over music,

Mine, o my love, swims upon your perfume.”

Charles Baudelaire

You walk in a beautiful garden amidst splendid plumeria flowers, blossoms all around you, and you might never forget that sweet wonderful honeymoon you enjoyed.

Huge Ginger flowers, Hibiscus, Plumerias, Orchids and many flowering fruit trees abound in our islands, blooming year round and enhancing our environment with intoxicating perfume.

We want to take them home with us, these joyful experiences. We like to remember the smells and sights and for that we have created our unique fragrance oils here at Alohatherapy.

As one of  our customers said,   

“Nothing has ever made mfeel so goosquickly!”